Autism and Expectations

Iwrote this back in October. Then I decided not to post it. Why? Because I feared judgement.

When it happened I blamed myself. I should have beenwatching every second. I should have been better. I hadrun a risk assessment of the field: I’d noted no heights to fall from, no water to fall in, no animals to fear. There were brambles to scratch and stones to bump, the usual risks. I knew there were poisonous plants (it’s the countryside, there are wildflowers, there are always poisonous plants), but they were not in bloom and would have died back, I also knew that they were horribly bitter, and had never heard of anyone being poisoned by them. I categorised them as a potential threat but not a realistic one. The older children knew not to eat things. The two year old was playingwith them whilst my husband and…

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