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Friday night I had the honor of meeting Dr. Temple Grandin – the noted cattle expert, autism authority, and one of the most famous and successful people on the autism spectrum.  We were both speaking at the US Autism & Asperger Association Conference in Denver and when we met at the speaker’s dinner I told Temple, “I am the co-founder of MyAutismTeam – a social network for parents of kids with autism.”

“Ohhhh” she said.  “Do you know what worries me most about parents of kids with autism these days? They’re not making their children learn enough important job skills!”  And with that, she launched into her case, elaborating on what she means.  “I’m seeing more and more kids, a lot less severe than I was, graduating college without any job skills – and they are ending up living on social security!”

Other speakers started gathering around us to listen…

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